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SF and Napa Restaurants Hit With V-Day Scalper Scheme

2008_02_blackt.jpgEater National has some background on a Valentine's Day resy scheme, but here in the Bay, we've got a lot more details on the racket. Now, resy scalpers are nothing new in San Francisco (and New York), but given that Valentine's Day is a cash cow for restaurants, this scheme is particularly nefarious.

The website ( is currently down, but here's the quick breakdown: people called big name restaurants and booked multiple tables for Sunday night with Georgia area codes under a list of aliases (BELOW). For example, La Toque has a waiting list 20 people long, but had several resy scalper tables on the books, with the probability that the scalpers wouldn't have called to cancel if the tables went unsold. Elsewhere in Napa, sources say that Auberge du Soleil had three reservations under the fake Georgia names, Martini House three and Bouchon four. For what it's worth, San Francisco restaurants listed on the website before it went down included RN74, Ana Mandara, Coi, the Ritz, Boulevard and Zuni, among others.

Some of the suspected fake phone numbers and aliases being used by the Georgia scoundrels:

Alex Peters 678.401.5610
Chris Smith 770.380.6018
Dan Houle 678.401.5610
Ralph Magore 770.380.6018
Ellie Worthmore 678.401.5610
Paul Trakk 770.680.6018
Gary Binson 678.401.5603
John Miston 678.401.5603
Mike Waters 678.401.5610
Ian Harvey 678.401.5610

UPDATE: Here are a few more that have been deemed as fakers:
Diana Prince 678.401.5610
Paul Trak 770.380.6018
Khaleda Williams 678.779.4150
Restaurateurs, feel free to add any others in the comments or straight to the tipline.
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La Toque

1314 McKinstry Street, Napa, CA‎