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Bakesale Betty 2.0 Nears, Michael Mina Hearts Green Day

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TAHOE—If there was any doubt of his coolness, Michael Mina went trout fishing with Tre Cool from Green Day. That is all. [Twitter]

OAKLANDOakland North checks in with the upcoming, bigger second location of Bakesale Betty, right across the street from Luka's. Though the lease for the Uptown spot was signed two years ago, it looks like it's finally nearing completion, with an April debut planned. [ON]

AMERICA—Mr. Cutlets bemoans the growing popularity of cooking competitions, from shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef to the Bocuse d'Or and small time cook-offs: "The notion of taking something so subjective, personal and essentially un-competitive as cooking and making a Mortal Kombat-style tournament seems, at least on its surface, patently insane." But he doesn't blame the chefs for wanting to partake. [TIME]

TELEVISION—Oh boy: E! Online hears that Paula Deen "is in discussions" to appear on American Idol. Odds are that the appearance would be a stint as a guest judge, but still, it would unleash Deen's buttery charm to a whole new audience. In other news, it's time to rewatch the ham-to-the-face video. [E! Online]

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