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Spork's Building Possibly Headed for the Chopping Block

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The folks behind Spork currently have Mint Plaza's Thermidor in the works, but Curbed SF does some juicy rumormongering to bring word that big changes might be in the works for Spork itself. Apparently, the owner of the building—one Shizuo Holdings Trust—is planning to demolish the Spork building and replace it with a five-story mixed-use building with a restaurant space on the ground floor. Curbed has more details on the proposal, but sources say that at this point there's no way to be sure that it would happen, but it already has a preliminary OK environment-wise. The next hurdle would be the Planning Commission. Of course, all this hoopla leaves Spork's fate in the air, though as noted, there would be a restaurant space involved in the new development. Stay tuned, yes?
· The Mission's Spork Site Might Get a 16-Unit Mixed Use Building [Curbed]


1058 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA