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Bacchus Backs Out of Aqua, Crustacean Due in Palo Alto

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Just when it looked like the turmoil—financial and otherwise—at Aqua had settled down with the Bacchus Group deal, tomorrow's Scoop brings word that the deal has fallen through, because the Bacchus Group said "there were just too many risks." The move means that the restaurant is back up for grabs, but as for Aqua's future itself, this can be filed under "bad news." [Chron, previously]

TELEVISION—Just a reminder that tonight is the Throwdown episode featuring Papalote squaring off against Bobby Flay in a burrito contest. Will the Mission represent? [EaterWire]

PALO ALTO—In an article about how much Palo Alto sucks in the tourism department, the Wall Street Journal mentions in passing that Crustacean—which also has branches in SF and Beverly Hills—will be opening a third location there. [WSJ]


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