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Take a Look Around Incanto's Revamped Dining Room

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Down in Noe Valley, the newly-refreshed dining room at Incanto rolled out earlier this month, but this week, Chris Cosentino gets on his blog to give a tour of some of the specific changes he and owner Mark Pastore implemented. Those drapes have been taken down and replaced by big color photos, the tables have been refinished, the carpet is history, noise panels have been installed, and there's even a new banquette, among other various tweaks (bonus: pigoyles, too).

As for the food side of the operation, the menu remains one of the most unique/exciting in the city (if not the country), but there's a new twist in the form of the Odds and Ends board at the bar for the nightly specials comprised of, well, odds and ends. Take a stroll around here.
· Incanto 2.0 [Offal Good]


1550 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94131


1550 Church St, San Francisco, CA‎

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