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Loving Hut Lands in Westfield, Zare Does Persian New Year

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WESTFIELD MALL—Rumors of Loving Hut's downtown location have been swirling for a few weeks, and lo and behold, Vegansaurus discovers that the wacky cult vegan restaurant will be inside the Westfield Mall! Quite a surprising departure from J. Crew and H&M, right? [Vegansaurus]

SOMA—Chinese New Year not enough for you? Zare at Fly Trap is holding a Persian's New Year celebration this year. Billed the first one in San Francisco, it will go down on Monday, March 15, and will feature a five-course menu of "traditional symbolic dishes" served family style for $56 per person. [EaterWire]

MEDIA—Via Eater National comes word that the Wall Street Journal is rumored to have hired a new wine columnist: well-known author and Gia screenplay co-writer Jay McInerney. [~EN~]

[Photo via Vegansaurus]

Loving Hut

845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA‎