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LGBT Center Considering a Rooftop Restaurant

Per the BAR, the San Francisco LGBT Community Center has been in talks with the city to rezone the Market Street building to allow for a rooftop restaurant. Spearheaded by supervisor Bevan Duffy, the project would be modeled loosely around Delancey Street's ex-con program, in that there would be an LGBT workforce, with revenue and profit-sharing for the financially-struggling center.

It's important to note that no deal has been signed yet, but there are multiple parties in talks with the center, including Medjool frontman Gus Murad, who knows a little something about rooftop restaurants. If it happens, it would probably be on the center's fourth floor, where there is a food prep area attached to the "ceremonial room," which opens up to an outdoor terrace that faces downtown and toward the bay.
· LGBT center in talks to open rooftop restaurant [BAR]

LGBT Center

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