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Gator Thompson Opts For BBQ, Ditches Fine Dining Concept

Down in San Mateo, chef/owner Gator Thompson made his anticipated comeback in August with the debut of Dollie Marie's. Suffice to say, even with a cult following, a Southern cuisine fine dining restaurant in a largely residential neighborhood was a dicey proposition to begin with, but the economy didn't help either. Now, less than a month after opening up the dining room at Dollie's Marie's for lunchtime BBQ, Thompson has decided to forego the white tablecloths completely in favor of the BBQ for which he's always been known.

Starting March 1, Dollie Marie's fine dining program will conclude and be replaced with a BBQ one and be open from 11AM to 8PM. Thompson says that he wanted to give fine dining a shot, but he has to give the people what they want. Along with the BBQ menu they have in place for lunch right now, they'll be adding some some Southern dishes like fried Chicken, gumbo, jambalaya, etc.
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Dollie Marie's

1602 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA