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Now Adria Says El Bulli Will Reopen, Serve 60 Meals a Year

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In an interview with TIME, Ferran Adria finally clarified/decided some crucial details about the El Bulli shuttering. During the "two year hiatus" that Adria originally mentioned, the restaurant will be transformed into a non-profit culinary research and training center where Adria and his staff will work with 25 young/lucky chefs a year to develop new ideas and techniques.

The product of this work will be catalogued in one video and one book to be released each year, though Adria is quick to note that this is not a culinary school: "This is about creativity more than cooking...We're not going to be teaching anyone how to break down a cod." The chefs that complete their training will then go on to represent the organization at chef's conferences and culinary schools.

But the restaurant will serve customers, albeit with a new resy system. >>