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Ecco Caffe to Open a Cafe/Roastery in Potrero Hill

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If all goes to plan, late summer will see yet another coffee industry heavyweight open up shop in San Francisco. Sonoma's decorated Ecco Caffe will be moving to Potrero Hill, where it will open a "combination café and roastery." Ecco honcho Andrew Barnett is staying mum about the specific address (let's hear those guesses), but it will require a full build-out and will be a both a coffee bar and roasting facility that he likens to "an open kitchen with roasting." For those unfamiliar with Ecco, the coffee company has long been considered one of the top artisan roasters in the country; in other words, news of a San Francisco project a major coup for the coffee geeks. And Farley's might have some new competition in the neighborhood.
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