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Grant Achatz Wants to Open a Molecular Bar

The Wall Street Journal runs a fairly standard piece on how star chefs have been making the leap to the cocktail circuit lately and in the process, revolutionizing the mixed drink. However, the most intriguing parts of the article are the details of Grant Achatz's new idea: a molecular bar. Boom. The Alinea wunderkind's follow-up effort will be, according to Achatz, a "standalone bar and lounge where food will come second to drinks." There will be a dedicated cocktail menu that will consist of the usual molecular trickery, meaning solids will become liquids and all kinds of playful things like that. Now, top-tier chefs like Wylie Dufresne and Jose Andres have always flirted with molecular mixology at their restaurants, but nothing to the extent of an entirely-dedicated concept.

Three Words: Alcohol. Tasting. Menu. >>