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SR24 Due Friday in Oakland, Blue Bottle Heads to NYC

OAKLAND—After a soft opening shindig over the weekend, plywood vet SR24 has hit some minor delays and is now hoping to open on Friday (2/26). The menus are online for your perusal, if you desire to peruse them. [EaterWire]

SOMA—Speaking of number-y restaurants, consider this a reminder that tonight is the big Bocuse d'Or dinner/fundraiser at RN74. Michael Mina will be in the kitchen cooking, and they've decided to make the special menu "inspired by Chef Paul Bocuse" available as an option to everyone in the restaurant. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—Also tonight: per SFist, Bar Tartine is holding a five-course rabbit tasting menu tonight from Bar Tartine chef Chris Kronner and Sean Rembold (of Diner in Brooklyn). In related news, there was a really big bunny disaster in Sweden. [SFist]

BROOKLYN—James Freeman has been teasing his NYC branch for months, and this afternoon, he makes it official: Blue Bottle will open up a cafe/roastery in Williamsburg this week. Along with the familiar drips and coffee menu, the NYC location will include five of those three-foot tall Japanese slow-drippers, leading the Times to already declare Blue Bottle Brooklyn "among the most ambitious coffee bars in New York." [NYT]

TY-FLO DEPT.—Tyler Florence on the new year: "This is the year of the restaurant. It's really been the perfect storm for a young hungry chef to get a good real estate deal on space. If you've got the desire, and the talent and a good concept, now is the time to do it." [OCR]


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