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Chodorow to Shutter Asia de Cuba, Cut Ties With Clift

Photo: Asia de Cuba

Despite similar outposts in NYC, LA, Miami and London, the San Francisco branch of mega-restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow's Asia de Cuba has probably seen trendier days, so it's not a huge surprise to hear that El Chod will close Asia de Cuba on April 17. But once Chodorow's China Grill Management pulls out, the swanky Clift Hotel restaurant space won't stay dark for long—at all. For now, the hotel is staying mum about the new concept, but it will be run by the Clift's parent company (the Morgans Hotel Group) and will reopen anew just a few days after Asia de Cuba's finale, meaning there probably won't be many substantial changes to the Philippe Starck interior. More details as they come in...

Asia de Cuba

495 Geary St., San Francisco, CA