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Farina Pizzeria Named, Yats Taking Over Annie's Bistro

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The future home of Farina's Neopolitan pizzeria.
The future home of Farina's Neopolitan pizzeria.

THE MISSION—News of Farina's pizzeria spinoff first broke a few weeks back, but today Grubz notices that Farina has put the name of the place on its website. Sadly, it's not Pizzeria Delfarina, but rather, Antica Pizzeria. What do you think about that, Pizza Antica of the Bacchus Group? [GS, previously]

SAN FRANCISCO—So, about that outdoor dining area smoking ban: the City decided against the wide-ranging ban since it would probably hurt businesses and instead just amended the legislation to allow smoking in designated areas. [CI]

PAC HEIGHTS—Remember how Yats resurfaced at Annie's Bistro during scattered hours? Well, according to the Lady of Hopstress, the Yats folks are going to gradually take over the entire operation by the beginning of April. [TH]


18th Street/Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA