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East Bay Getting Two More In-N-Out Locations

Reports out of the East Bay indicate that In-N-Out is looking to build not one, but two more new outposts across the bridge. The pair of proposed locations are set for Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek, but the main hurdles that need to be cleared with the cities involve the typically-epic traffic that the burger chain brings with its locations, though judging by the giddy reactions in the CBS video report, the locals aren't too worried about congestion problems. As it stands, the Bay Area still woefully lags behind SoCal in terms of In-N-Out ubiquity, with locations in Daly City, Mill Valley, Oakland, and Pinole, among others.

And still, San Francisco has but one, lonely In-N-Out on Fisherman's Wharf. For now.
· In-N-Out Seeks To Build 2 New CoCo Locations [CBS]
[Photo: Flickr]