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The Smackdown That Wasn't

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2010_02_nickscove.jpgThe Bauer Olympiad took a trip up to Nick's Cove over Valentine's Day weekend and had a crappy meal. But right when the hammer was to drop in today's review, sneaky Pat Kuleto went and changed the menu to a small plates format, skirting the smackdown and preserving his three stars, for now. Nonetheless, Mikey Boom Boom shares a few snippets from the pulled review: "Was it a weekend meltdown or business as usual on a recent night at Nick's Cove? ... this is the challenge facing a reviewer when he parachutes in on a busy night and finds the service messy and the kitchen falling behind, culminating in more than an hour's wait between appetizer and main course." [BB]

23240 California 1, Marshall, CA‎