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An Eater Farewell

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Hi there. Nobody likes goodbyes, but here we go: As you may or may not be aware, today is my last day as the caretaker of this fine internet website blog. Since launching it way back in September 2007, I've had the honor of editing and writing Eater SF, and it's been an amazing ride. But sadly, everything must come to an end, and as has been making the rounds today, I'm headed to the Chron to launch something new/exciting. So, there's that. Of course, Eater SF won't be going anywhere and—bonus tidbit—it will be in good hands come Monday morning.

Special thanks to Jennifer Yin, who has been aboard as loyal photog from the get-go, and many thanks to all the friends and supporters I've made during my tenure; I won't embarrass you all by name, but thank you. Most all, much love to all the readers and anyone who has ever submitted a tip; you guys make this site what it is. And for taking a chance on me, I'll always be grateful to Lockhart and Ben; couldn't have asked for better, more supportive bosses. Cheers, all.


Questions? Concerns? I have email: please drop me a line [Photo by Yin]