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Paul Arenstam Out at Americano, Bourdain Gets Parodied

THE EMBARCADERO—Not only did Americano lose its big winter tent, but it's parted ways with its chef too. Per tomorrow's Scoop, Paul Arenstam is leaving the five-year-old Hotel Vitale restaurant to focus on his months-old Berkeley project, Summer Kitchen Bake Shop. His sous chef will be promoted at Americano. [Scoop]

WINE COUNTRY—It's no secret the recession is hurting the wine industry, but the LA Times wonders if the tough times signal the end of cult cabs and the beginning of a new era of value wines. Thing is, despite the supply-and-demand conundrum, some upscale wine producers are being stubborn and refuse to drop prices. The suspense! [LAT]

PARODIES—There's a good deal of R-rated language (and content), but this parody script of No Reservations might be the best thing you read today. Take, for example, the fake Bourdain narrative voiceover that ends the "show": "I was wary of Miami before I came here, because I thought it was all style and no substance. But there is a substance to this place. There’s a real, true, and earthy quality if you look hard enough. Good food, made by people who sat on the ocean surface for days at a time just to be able to come here and make it. You can taste it in the Cuban sandwiches, and the squid penis." [Kissing Suzy Kolber via Eater National]


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