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More Details Emerge About Ecco Caffe's Potrero Hill Spot

Earlier this week, the big news broke that Ecco Caffe is setting up shop in Potrero Hill, with a debut currently slated for late summer. Until the construction gets a little more underway, owner Andrew Barnett is staying mum about the actual location in Potrero Hill (our trusty commenters have some guesses), but there are plenty of other new details to share in the interim:

1) The 5000-square-foot space will be designed by Douglas Burnham, the architect responsible for the likes of Delfina, Contigo, Commis and the coffee pavilion at Slow Food Nation, among others.

2) Speaking of the space itself, in addition to the coffee bar/cafe component, there will also be a barista training lab, a retail area, a research and development area, and of course, the "open kitchen"-like production roasting facility, which will be the central focus of the concept. In other words, there's gonna be a lot of coffee education going on.

3) Sadly, as suspected, the move to the big city does indeed mean that the Santa Rosa original will likely get phased out eventually. Sorry, Sonoma.

4) Per Barnett, the thing that will differentiate Ecco Caffe from the rest of the artisan coffee is Ecco's partnership with Intelligentsia, which allows them to a) get seasonal coffee in a more timely manner than most and b) bring barista training to new heights.

5) Though it's likely there will be a food component, nothing is decided quite yet. Stay tuned on that note. Related: look for Ecco to start popping up on a lot more restaurants' "coffee programs."

6) As for the ages-old WiFi question, that part's still undecided. Both sides have merit (see Coffee Bar vs. Four Barrel). Thoughts/desires from the crowd?
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