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Traci Des Jardins Offers a Peek at Her New Ballpark Eateries

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[Interior shots via Public House]

Seeing as how Traci Des Jardins got the Bauer review this week and how she was on the starry panel of judges for the Bocuse d'Or semifinals, we might as well declare this TDJ Day and take a look behind the scenes at her projects in the old Acme Chophouse space: Public House and Mijita. With a March due date in the works, the websites for both are up and running, complete with details—and photos!—on how the layout will work out. The main entrance for Public House and its 30 televisions will be the old Acme front doors, while Mijita's main entrance will be further down Third Street (towards right field). There will be a wall between the two that runs parallel to Third, but for those wondering, diners will be able to go back and forth between the two.
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Public House

24 Willie Mays Plz, San Francisco, CA 94107