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Toad's Ready to Reemerge ... as South End Grill 'n' Bar

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Before and after.
Before and after.

Down on the corner of Valencia and 26th, Mission fave Toad's has been under wraps for a few weeks now. Though the original thought was that the bar/eatery was simply closed for a quick refresh—like many others in January—it now turns out that Toad's is a thing of the past, because it's coming back as an entirely new concept. As you can see, a tipster sends along a shot of the new awning that announces the new name as South End Grill 'n' Bar. Here's hoping fans of Toad's got their last licks in and said goodbye to all the frogs before it shuttered. And memo to restaurateurs: it's perfectly acceptable to use the word "and" when naming grills and bars.

South End

1499 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA