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Reborn Ristobar Due Thursday in the Marina

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On this coming Thursday, Gary Rulli will reopen his Emporio Rulli cafe as Ristobar. The corner of Scott and Chestnut has been dark since December, but this week, it's back with a new facelift, as revealed in the gallery above. The revamped Italian vino spot has 90 seats, punctuated by 24 at the long marble bar. Those old pastry cases are goneski, and in their place are a lounge area, banquettes, a communal table, a wine wall decked out with 240 bottles, and an Enomatic wine system. Also: pretty pictures on the ceiling. If you look closely, you'll even notice a chandelier made of forks and spoons. In other words, the place has made the shift from pastry shop/cafe to rustic wine bar/pizzeria.


2300 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA