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Oakland Man Busted For "Restaurant Caper" Crime Spree

It's only Tuesday, but the Marin IJ might have already won the award for best headline of the week with the following number: "Gourmand jailed in Tiburon restaurant caper." Apparently, this so-called "gourmand"—aka Oakland's Dwayne Kerry Morgan, age 43—was running quite the racket up and down the Bay Area, eating meals at nice restaurants twice a day and then skipping out on the bill.

However, Mr. Morgan's luck ran out this weekend at Marin's swanky Servino Ristorante. After indulging in a "robust" meal, Morgan tried to dine-and-dash on his $60 "gourmet feeding" bill. Unfortunately for him, restaurant employees followed him out and confronted him, and as luck would have it, there were police posted on Main Street looking for possible armed robbers. Morgan was arrested and is currently being held on $20,000 bail. And thus ended The Great Restaurant Caper of February 2010.
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9 Main St, Tiburon, CA