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2010_03_bankerr.jpgMike Doggy Dogg sizes up Baker & Banker, the New American restaurant that moved into Quince’s former Pacific Heights location on December 1 of last year. It appears husband and wife team Jeffrey Banker and Lori Baker have filled the big shoes of their popular predecessor with “food good enough to become a talked about destination for the rest of the Bay Area and beyond.” Despite one greasy salad and a wine list that veers from Mikey’s penchant for established grapes, he coughs up 3 stars, putting B & B in the same class as Delfina, Boulevard, Nopa, and Slanted Door, and positioning it well for the Chron's 2010 Top 100 List. [Chron]

Baker & Banker

1701 Octavia Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 351-2500 Visit Website

Baker & Banker

1701 Octavia Street, San Francisco, CA

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