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Take a Peek at Pica Pica

The Mission: On Monday, we brought you a preview of Pica Pica chef Adriana Lopez Vermut's upcoming San Francisco outpost of her original Venezuelan kitchen and bar in Napa. Now take a look around behind the plywood at the former Mi Lindo Yucatan getting all gussied up for the new occupant.

There's not a whole lot to look at yet, so it looks like the crew has a lot of work to do before the scheduled early April opening. The location at the North end of Valencia and the corner of 15th Street puts it in good company with Little Star Pizza just across the street, and the Venezuelan fare with beer, wine and sangria should give it enough room to differentiate itself from the scores of taquerias in the neighborhood. That killer wall mural on 15th lends a nice air of authenticity as well. [Eaterwire]

Pica Pica

401 Valencia street, San Francisco, CA