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Little Bau-Wow gave us his thoughts on Noe Valley's newly renovated Incanto this morning. Bauer took advantage of his trip to the Fortress of Offal to indulge in the kinds of "gutsy food most chefs have to tiptoe around," including Lamb liver on a bed of onions and mint, calves' sweetbreads and kidney, and duck leg. The Lamb neck, especially, must have woken up Bauer's inner caveman because he calls the experience of pulling the meat from the bone as, "primitive and wonderful." M. Bauer gives Chris Cosentino's cuisine 3.5 stars, but Mark Pastore's updated atmosphere brings down the overall rating to an even 3 stars. [SFGate]


1550 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94131


1550 Church Street, San Francisco, CA

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