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S.O.S. Tonga Room

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Save the debate on whether or not anyone actually goes to the Tonga Room for another time because rum aficionados behind the much-tinier, but just-as-kitschy Smuggler's Cove in Hayes Valley would like you to join them in their efforts to save the Tonga Room. On Tuesday, March 23rd they would like you to drop by Smuggler's Cove on Gough to "sign a petition opposing the demolition of the Tonga Room to make way for a parking garage and yet more luxury condominiums."

They also promise to provide information on how you can urge your local supes and the president of the Historic Preservation Commission to designate the place as a local San Francisco Landmark. The way I see it, unless you plan on moving into the Fairmont and need parking, then why not help save the place? Where else will you take your grandmother when she's in town visiting? [EaterWire]