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A Moveable Tweet - Getting the Best Mileage on Your Beer

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Welcome back to A Moveable Tweet, where we present the most intriguing tweets from the food and dining industry.

On a rainy day in the city the cooks and the food bloggers didn't have much to talk about, so naturally the conversation turned to Beers and Hybrids (cars, that is):

HotFoodPorn gets the conversation going with this missive:

Beer&Nosh weighs in:

And NOPA's linecook changes the subject to more affordable options:

Not that anyone asked me, but I'd personally go with the Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA. It's easy to drink, the 6.5% ABV gives you pretty good mileage for your beer money, and sometimes you get stuck on it until you find yourself waking up in a ditch on the side of the freeway.

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