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Blogger Versus Bauer at Gather

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Liz Hafalia, SF Chronicle / Gutenberg, Bunrab
Liz Hafalia, SF Chronicle / Gutenberg, Bunrab

Michael "Paolo Poacher" Bauer has jumped on to the blogger bandwagon of late, posting photos from his meals, but his iPhone photos still can't compare to those from his colleague at the Chronicle, photographer Liz Hafalia, or, frankly, those from OG Bay Area blogger Gutenberg at Bunrab who also recently dined at Gather and enjoyed the vegan "charcuterie" plate, among other dishes, with and without cute, delicious animals.

A question: Which is the more hotly contested culture war in these parts? The philosophical distance between omnivores and herbivores, or that between ink-sniffers and screen zombies? And which project has the better chance of the respective opposing camps coming together to share a table, Gather or the new project from Bauer and Eater's editor emeritus? Do take sides in the comments, because nothing pairs better than blog comments and controversy.

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Gather Restaurant 2200 Oxford St. Berkeley, CA