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Fog City Pub Opens Near the 'Loin (Updated)

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As it <strike>used to be</strike> still is, via Google Maps
As it used to be still is, via Google Maps

A tipser in the comments yesterday pointed out that the Fog City Pub opened for business in a space formerly occupied by a Carl's Jr. franchise a Ritz Camera outlet. According to a Yelper, the place just started serving food this week from a limited menu that includes typical bar fare including burgers and sandwiches. As for the atmosphere? "Now that there's a business in the space the colorful fauna have mostly moved on, but occasionally you still get some less than pleasant things to see outside the windows." Still, some good news for the border of Mid-Market. Update: Thanks for the fact checking in the comments, Carls Jr. lives, so even more food on that corner.

Paid a visit? Have some photos? Send an email or do tell in the comments.

Fog City Pub

1 Hallidie Plaza, SF, CA

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