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Thank You for Not Snitching

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The Board of Supervisors is waiting for the expected signature of Mayor Gavin Newsom to disrespect an ancient local tradition by passing more stringent rules on smoking sweet, enervating nicotine. San Franciscans will be barred from smoking while standing in line at Ike's or Humphry Slocombe, and possibly on the small wood patio at the Zeitgeist (which only really matters when it rains) because food is served and there are residences above. The law seems extremely vague, as it's entirely up to the Department of Public Health what's considered a bar and what's considered a restaurant (though you can bet the patio at Foreign Cinema is right out). DPH will only respond to complaints so, you know, don't snitch. [KTVU, via SFist] Photo by SuperFantastic / Bruce.

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