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Breaking Snooze

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2962663875_fe700f851c_m.jpgA tweet about a cockroach found at the Naan and Chutney in the Lower Haight last week has gotten the entertainingly excitable Uptown Almanac in meta-meta-media-criticism mode and going "Bukkaketa all over" the SF Weekly's coverage of the Twitter coverage of the Chez Maman hold-up. (Just take a deep breath, the spins will abate). A comment relates an earlier experience with maggoty pakora, though the Department of Environmental Health gave the place a 90 back in 2008 (Or at least a "B" if this was LA). What has this all proven? That Twitter has the power to ruin your appetite in real time or on demand! [Uptown Almanac] Photo by Emran Kassim

Naan N' Chutney

525 Haight St, San Francisco, CA

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