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The Early Word on Credo, Over a Month In

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FiDi trattoria Credo, at it's early age of one-and-a-half months, has already received a lot of mixed feedback on the regularly rotating quotable art that lines the interior. As one nameless Credo worker weighs in on the management shuffle and related tweaks to the projected strong cocktail program, the jury is also still out on Milanese chef Mario Maggi's food.

The Good News: When you enter the restaurant the first thing you notice is how light and airy it is. High ceilings, white walls with graphic art, and an open kitchen keep things in balance. Best of all, because the tables are large and not positioned too closely together, you have a lot of privacy. Service is very good: attentive but not intrusive. [Mapplr]

More Good News: I had the spinach salad with chicken, and I was almost tempted to lick the plate for every last speck of goat cheese (although the chicken was a bit dry)! The Rose paired perfectly with the salad, nice and light. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their lunches as well, although the tortelloni was a rather small plate compared to everyone else's. [Yelp]

Really Good News: Ever been on a date where you just couldn’t get a conversation going? Next time come to Credo, where the walls do all the talking for you. Or just stop dating lame people. Either way, Credo is definitely the new talk of the financial district. This fantastic new Italian gem prides itself on amazing food in addition to self sustainable architecture and design. [Metrowize]

The Pizza News: My pizza was fine but the crust wasn't right. It was crackly; not crispy, but crackly. Good pizza crust need a little chew to it somewhere and this was closer to a flatbread.?? The food needs a little work but they might warrant a revisit for a pasta dish if I'm in the area. [Yelp]

The Good Bad News: I believe that Credo has a lot of potential.?I believe that the FIDI is in need of a casual Italian restaurant.?I believe that the modern decor promises a modern dining experience.?I believe that we paid a lot for a just-ok meal. [Yelp]

The Bad News: This place is not good, unless you have an underactive palate and don't care about bland, boring 1980s stlye Italian food. The place is so disgustngly loud you might as well go with a head set. There are no good drinks and the wine line list is subpar compared to Perbacco, A16, etc. This food is simple to any home cook or native Italian. Save your moeny unless you are starving to death and can't make it around the corner to other spots. [Chowhound]

The Biz Lunch News: The room and vibe is really pleasant and positive. the noise level was very high...i found myself trying hard to hear my conversation. It's a good business lunch spot given the prices if you can hear over the chatter. [Chowhound]
Eater Inside: Credo [~ESF~]


360 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA

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