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Social Kitchen and Brewery

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Following up on earlier hints as to Social Kitchen and Brewery's opening day and forthcoming menu

, we hit you today with a more fleshed-out report of what to expect at the beer wonderland from Delarosa and Starbelly cicerone, Rich Higgins. As he awaits federal beer licensing, Higgins continues to develop a program that is sure to surprise people. Five house-brewed beers will include, for example, a golden ale with high alcohol content, and a dark Belgian brew with low content, the likes of which are hard to find around here. And we’ve got more on the beer-heavy food menu: Higgins plans to introduce patrons to the flavors of malt and hops by using them in salad dressings, chile, and marinades, among other things.

Weaving customers further into beer creation, our trusty cicerone will offer monthly open brew days: guided tours of the brewing process. Since there's an overabundance of yeast at a brewery at any given time, Social plans to give its fermented goodness to home brewers. The rich beer traditions of Dusseldorf and Cologne will also be explored in interactive events on the mezzanine at which beer servers will mingle with guests, ensuring no stein ever runneth empty. Interior-wise things will stay similar to the structure of former occupant, Wunder Brewing Company, but Social is reeling in the communal tables (obviously), where some regular "beer dinners" will take place. The just-posted splash page beckons here should you wish to glimpse two of the reclaimed light fixtures that will hang above Social's bar.

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Social Kitchen & Brewery

1326 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA

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