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Pizzaiolo Joins Playboy Top Ten, Morph Waiting on Plates

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PACIFIC HEIGHTS--Grub Street SF noted yesterday Baker & Banker, which received three stars from Bauer earlier this week, faces the SF Planning Commission tomorrow in an attempt to gain their permit for the retail quick service operation they plan to open adjacent to the existing restaurant. Lori Baker tipped us off that she'll be offering two sandwich specials per day, such as brisket on fresh baked challah. They'll also be selling all the breads they bake at the restaurant, specialty cakes (including Baker's favorite: triple chocolate), muffins, scones, and Four Barrel coffee and espresso. No seating will be provided; it's just a small walk-in shop with a counter and an espresso station. They're shooting for a June opening at the latest. [Eaterwire]

THE RICHMOND--Per SFoodie, Japanese-Thai fusion bistro, Morph, will be soft opening next week. According to owner, T.Tan, a former web designer for Heritage House china, one of the major holdups is, ironically, the Rosenthal and Steelite plates he is waiting for from Germany and England, respectively: "I'm meticulous about presentation and plating. Everything should look the same when I open as it does when people come back a month or two after opening." [Eaterwire]

CENTERFOLD-- Pizzaiolo, Charlie Hallowell's Oakland pizzeria which recently spun off an East Bay sequel, has been named to “Playboy’s A List: Pizza,”; a list of the country’s ten best pizza joints. Playboy's publicist tells us its editors go to great lengths to make sure they find and test all the options. After reading this snippet from the Pizzaiolo review, that's crystal clear: "but whatever you do, don’t leave [Pizzaiolo] without a rapini and sausage pie. The bitter Italian broccoli gets a spritz of lemon, perfect to cut through the meaty hunks of pork sausage, made in-house with flecks of chile pepper and fennel to keep you awake after that third beer or into that second bottle of wine." [Eaterwire]

Baker & Banker

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