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MatrixFillmore Shutters Temporarily; Heart To Bring Street Food Inside

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MARINA – Those who have ventured near “the triangle” lately may have noticed MatrixFillmore has been closed since Monday. Bar Manager Kenneth Luciano tells us they shuttered for a total interior re-haul. When they reopen Friday, the newly “opened-up” space will feel totally different, like more of a lounge and less of a club; the purple and green sort-of-felted look of yesteryear will be replaced with a beige, black, and dark green scheme. Beer and wine options will also be more affordable and extensive. Only fresh-squeezed juices will be used in the 50/50 classic to original cocktail list. Sounds like PlumpJack has started to pour some money into this guy. [Eaterwire]

MISSIONJeff Segel, owner of Heart wine bar and restaurant, has some interesting events in the works for later this month. We'll start with this. On April 25th, he’s inviting 15 of his favorite street carts over for the Outside/In Festival. Wine pairings will be offered in taste-size pours for items from Magic Curry Kart, Venga Empanadas, the Pizza Hacker, the crème brulee man and, well, 11 others. The event will be free at the door; items at each cart will be for sale at vendor-set prices (cash only); and a TBD DJ will be spinning. Hey, didn’t you hear? A la cart is the new a la carte. [Eaterwire]

HAIGHT ASHBURY Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery has a new chef: Matthew Kerley. Magnolia owner David McLean, who also owns Alembic, down the street, says in the press release, “Matt’s right there with us on the local and sustainable sourcing, pairing food and beer, and finding that sweet spot between rustic and refined, all while keeping in mind our gastropub vision.” At 26-years-of-age, Kerley is certainly now one of the youngest Executive Chefs in San Francisco. Not to worry, the “hemp burger” isn’t going anywhere, but more head-to-tail cooking will be employed. Exhibit A: Kerney’s “Pork Trio": braised pork belly, potted head, trotter, and garlic herb tourchon. Note to spelling police: Yes, that’s potted head. [Eaterwire]

EMBARCADERO – Fresh from Signore Lucchesi’s shiny new desk at the SF Chron comes the Inside Scoop that Joey Altman has been cheffing it up at the unlikeliest of places: Pier 23. “Egads!” aside: “the local celebrity chef is doing a lot more than just frying fish. For a month or so, he’s been consulting at the waterfront spot, overhauling the food, which, until now, has been pretty much of an afterthought.” The divey-in-a-good-way “seafood tavern” vibe will remain intact although Altman has brought on Matt Garcia, former sous chef at Americano and Jack Falstaff to carry things on once consultancy-ship is over. [SFGate]

OAKLANDThe Merc tells of Zoey’s Bistro, an Afghan fusion restaurant focused on fresh seafood and pasta dishes, and kabobs, that just opened over in the Lake Merritt area. [Mercury News]

HAYES VALLEYGrubStreet reported today that the new concept from Absinthe to inhabit the former Citizen Cake space will be called Boxing Room. The liquor license application does indeed confirm that’s the business’ name, at least for now. [GrubStreetSF]

SOMA - The newish Executive Chef at Bacar, 31-year-old Douglas Bernstein, on whom we reported late last year, has now been in action for about four months and the new bar, food, and brunch programs appear to be in full swing. You’ll never guess which shift is the darling of the young chef: brunch. “I love the energy in here during the day,” says Bernstein, who worked at Farallon and in Amsterdamn prior to taking the position at Bacar. Apparently outdoor seating with heat lamps is under discussion, which should make brunch even more exciting. Expect more fuss about all of this as the SOMA institution gears up for its 10-year Anniversary in December of this year. [Eaterwire]

Magnolia Restaurant & Brewery

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