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Radius In Holding Pattern Until Next Week; Paganini's New Burger-Centric Eatery To Open Soonish

(Beretta, SF. Photo by Jeannie Cho)
-- Earlier today, Radius owner Jon Whitehead said that they will not be opening tonight. Unfortunately, the fire inspector cancelled on them. But, if all goes well with the inspection mid-next week, a soft opening on Thursday or Friday is quite possible. Stay tuned for updates. SFoodie's John Birdsall also has additional details. [Eaterwire, SFWeekly]

Castro-- Adriano Paganini, the man who has delivered Beretta, Delarosa and Starbelly, is now working on a burger joint called Super Duper which is scheduled to open in the Castro - conveniently across from Starbelly - later this month or early next. SFGate says the former Pasta Pomodoro space will be a 45-seater modelled after the Shake Shack in New York.[SF Chronicle]