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Movement Detected: Former Prego, PJ's Oyster Bed Spaces Coming to Life

1) The Marina: After months of boarded-up inactivity, a tipster has spotted construction at the old Prego space at 2000 Union Street. Word on the street is a French Bistro will be moving in, but we're still running off rumors at this point. [PLYWOOD]

2) Inner Sunset: Same story, different neighborhood. The former home of PJ's Oysterbed on Irving St. has seen some movement behind the plywood. Neighbors are still holding out for another outpost of local Peruvian chain Fresca, but no official word yet aside from a couple tips that the building is sporting a new fancy door. Here's to hoping the new owners are classy enough to not leave shellfish lying around because: gross, that was like two years ago. [PLYWOOD]

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