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Avant-Garde Street Food Coming To A City Near You

Carol Blymire, a blogger who has cooked her way through the Alinea and French Laundry cookbooks, announced today she'll be hitting the road with her new-found skills:

Starting this weekend (holy crap, I can't believe it!!) for the next 12 weeks, I'll be on the road in my new, totally outfitted, solar-supported, LEED-certified Alinea on the Road food truck, doing avant-garde adaptations of traditional street food.

On the menu so far are ten items with doubtful street cred including a Taco Dry Shot ($7) and Hot Dog Air ($9), which sounds like a remarkably cruel April Fools joke considering you can get a full on juicy Da Beef dog with all the hot doggy air around it for a heck of a lot less than that. Considering the serious legal issues involved in stamping Alinea's name on a food truck, the fact that folks at the real Alinea have had "no word of the truck at the restaurant," and Blymire's past record of April fools antics, we're starting to feel sorry for the folks in DC who may have already started planning for a falafel liquid shot on April 3rd. Nevertheless, Twitter excitement ensues. [Alinea at Home]