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Morph, Super Duper, and -- Very Soon -- TacoBar

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1) The Richmond: We glimpsed inside Thai fusion bistro, Morph, today and saw the interior snapshot displayed here, as the restaurant readies for opening night in the former Watami space. The enthusiastic owner, T.Tan, is particularly excited about the broiled flank steak with soba noodles you'll see on the full menu here. (Yeah, we're pretty sure he meant to write flank steak, not frank steak.) The only thing he's now waiting for are a few wines and beers that have not yet been shipped, but there will be alcohol available tonight, just an abbreviated list. They plan to open for lunch in a month or two once the staff is comfortable with dinner service. 5344 Geary Blvd, between 17th and 18th; 415-742-5093 [EaterWire]

2) Castro: Super Duper has officially opened today, even though it's clear from yelp, locals were popping in over the weekend to try some things. The new burger joint from the Starbelly team fills the old Pasta Pomodoro space. Owner Adriano Paganini tells us he's particularly surprised at how well the veggie sandwich is doing. It's a small bun holding a breaded, fried portabello mushroom, Jack cheese, lettuce and tomato. Yes, that is surprising! Website here is still on the way. Drop early dining reports in the tip jar, please. 2304 Market Street, between 16th and Noe; 415-558-8123 [EaterWire]

3)Pacific Heights:
We wanted it to happen today, but Jack Schwartz couldn't open TacoBar as planned because they "had a little problem with the hood, nothing major." Schwartz told us he hopes to be open no later than Wednesday. 2401 California St, between Fillmore and Steiner; 415-674-7745 [EaterWire]


5344 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA