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Week in Reviews

Farmstead.egg  on AviaryFor the Sunday review, Broncho Bauer sidles into Farmstead in St. Helena, and asks, “Hello?Is anybody at home?” The 2-month old restaurant from ex-Rutherford Grill chef, Sheamus Feeley, and the folks at Long Meadow Ranch trumpets a farm-to-table focus and Napa Valley pedigree in a barn-chic atmosphere: complete with “outhouse” restrooms, gardens, and nursery outside. Bauer finds the interior to be charming indeed, but hit-or-miss fare and awkward service counteract any gains to be had: “?after three visits, the seduction of the surroundings wore thin. The concept seems earnest, but the execution and the reality of what’s offered are far less appealing.” Farmstead gets one star for food and 1.5 stars overall. [Chron]