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Local News Ties Gunmen to Dancing, Natch

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Lately it seems like every time a shooting is reported, a nightclub or eatery isn't far behind. The debacle tied to Suede nightclub pops to mind immediately. And this SFist post on the Sunday shooting and fatality at Second and Minna mentions the "perilous nightclub setting" referenced in multiple reports. But it turns out, neighboring clubs like Club NV, 111 Minna, and Dada really had no part in the crime. Along the same vein, another club owner mentions that those involved in the "Suede" shooting may have actually been partying at the Sheraton. And then of course last night, a policeman opened fire on a woman who tried to ram him into Radius, on Folsom and Langton, with her car.

The relatively new, uber-sustainable Cal restaurant still hasn't taken down the Julie's Supper Club sign of its former inhabitant, so Buboblog points out Julie's got the call out in all the newscasts! The Bubo calls it a stroke of promotional misfortune, but it looks like more of a lucky break. Those locavores always get off easy. Your insights, below in the comments.

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view from Radius after yesterday's shooting


1123 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA