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Minagate 2010

mina.egg  on AviaryAnother anonymous tipster comes to the plate, leaking clues as to what may be unfolding behind closed doors in Union Square:

"I can add further legitimacy to rumor that Michael Mina at the WSF will be closing. Staff will vote on Monday to continue for 3-4 months an agreement that has been in place for the past year which allowed for cut for all employees including the house keeping...[a large portion] of all large party gratuities. If the staff votes to keep the reduction in place, Mina will keep the restaurant open for another 3-4 months, at which time it will be closed. When he will move to Aqua and whether the brand/name/concept will be the same is yet to be known. As well, what will become of the space at the WSF is unknown. We can only hope that employees are treated with respect and empathy as this situation moves forward...The employees and union leadership have already set a dangerous precedent over the past year by allowing a restaurant group that has had the money to open 16 restaurants in 5 years to take their own pay upon threat of closure."

Well that was a load off. Do send comments or insight if you're up for it. [EaterWire]