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Bay Area Burger Quest II: Critics vs. Comments

Well friends, the readers of The HamBauer's initial announcement have cast their votes and the results are quite surprising -- at least to anyone who follows the burger endorsements of our local food writers and critics. In-N-Out, Bill's Place, Joe's Cable Car, Bullshead, Barney's, Val's and Spruce all received more than ten votes from the beef-pounding masses. Amazingly, cheeseburgers from all of these joints cost under ten dollars, except for Spruce's $14 burger and the rendition from Joe's Cable Car, which is just over, at $10.95 with cheese. And we can't help but notice the price discrepancy between these popular choices and the burgers from the likes of Fish & Farm ($14), Bix ($16), Nopa ($13), Orson ($15), and Namu ($12) that the media continues to amp.

Could it be that this humble burger quest has called out the pedigreed leanings of our food writing elite? Well, Bauer is "beginning to work through his own list," which no doubt includes many of these media favorites, along with beef pushed on him by publicists and industry buds. Will The HamBauer reveal he knows which side his bread is buttered on? Or bite the hand that feed him? Forgive these irresistible puns, and do tell, which Bay Area burgers keep you loyal?

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[Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/ExFlexitarian]