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marlowe.jpgFor his Sunday review, Mike "The Hamburgler" Bauer journeys to South Beach's Marlowe. Upon parting ways with biz-partner, Aussie celebruchef Luke Mangan, Owner Anna Weinberg revamped menu and design at the former South Food + Wine Bar to create this meat-centric ode to her grandfather's butcher shop, where Bauer delights in far more than the much-blogged-about "moist patty." Jennifer Puccio's menu and Weinberg's hospitality form a self-aware restaurant with staying power: "It's clear that management is tinkering with both staff and recipes because the experience improved on each of my visits. With Weinberg in front and Puccio in back, Marlowe should have a long, successful run. Now bring me another hamburger." Marlowe earns the medium-rare 3 stars stamp of approval.


500 Brannan Street, , CA 94107 (415) 777-1413 Visit Website