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Death of Mangarosa, and the Samba, in North Beach

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Italian restaurant with a Brazilian twist and winner of last year’s “Best Commercial Float” in the Colombus Day Parade, Mangarosa recently announced the restaurant will cease operation on April 23rd. “After being in business for 6 years and nearly surviving the worst period in consumer spending, they were pressured to leave by the landlord who will take over and operate a new business in its location."

Still the restaurant exhibited numerous signs of a potential shutter prior to this announcement, offering a $30 prix fixe menu every Tuesday, and then a new "$10 off your dinner bill" promotion in January. But the saddest part of this closure will be the dearth of energia on Thursday nights without those scantily clad samba dancers shaking things up at dinner. Owners Gina and Marcelo Betti do maintain “the possibility of reopening somewhere, sometime in the near future.” Somewhere, sometime, indeed. [EaterWire]


1548 Stockton St., San Francisco, CA