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Alioto's Waterside Cafe to Replace Nonna Rose and Cafe Eight

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The publicist for Fisherman’s Wharf landmark, Alioto’s Restaurant, revealed this morning the Alioto family has temporarily shuttered the two food outlets they own under Alioto's: Nonna Rose Seafood Trattoria and casual clam chowder and sandwich stop, Café Eight. When the shutter is removed at the end of April(ish), they will be combined as one restaurant with one operating kitchen and one name: Alioto’s Waterside Café. But the interior will still have two separate rooms with two very different feels. The former Café Eight side will become a 78-seat throwback to old wharf “charm,” strewn with crab pots and fishing nets. The former Nonna Rose half will become a more refined version of the trattoria it once was, with “warm rose-colored booths, Italian tiles, hand-painted wall murals, Bay-side tables," zinc bar, and a lobster tank full of fresh fish to get grandma drooling. Both sides of the restaurant, though themed differently, will be serving the same menu of fresh seafood, pasta, fish sandwiches, Dungeness crab, and other expected Wharf treats. Roseanne Alioto is overseeing the transformation designed by Tony Pantaleoni. Once completed the fourth generation of Alioto’s: Nunzio Alioto, Alexander Alioto, and Nicole Alioto-Solomou will be taking the reigns. More details on chef, menu and concept as these things are determined over the next month. In the meantime, the tipline awaits your intel. [Eaterwire]

Alioto's Restaurant

8 Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA