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Bento 415 Retires, Dine Like It's 1955, Bauer on Break

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SOMA - Lady T-Hop tells of a new home for Cheryl Burr and Chris Beerman, the folks behind Potrero's soon-to-shutter Pinkie's Bakery and Bento 415. The sad news is, this means the end of Bento 415 as we know it. Your last chance for the compartmentalized boxes named after SF neighborhoods is this Friday. The silver lining is Chef Beerman will likely be whipping up something equally savory and delightful, albeit more America-leaning, at the new restaurant and bakery concept in the space currently occupied by Ideal Cafe and Delicatessan at 1198 Folsom. And Pinkie's baked goods will continue on, likely with more to choose from. The new spot will be open 7 days a week, serving brunch, lunch, and dinner and they are shooting for a mid-May bakery opening and a June 1 restaurant opening. [EaterWire]

EN ROUTE - Floyd Cardoz, NY-based chef and partner of the modern Indian, Danny Meyer restaurant, Tabla, is currently in the air, headed to San Francisco for the Kids with Cameras benefit in Hillsborough. Cardoz will be preparing a dinner for the event to benefit children in Kolkata's red light district. Small world: he was a consultant on the menu at Palo Alto's Junnoon, and also consults on an authentic Mexican taqueria, El Verano, at the Mets stadium. Word on the street is, he'll be doing some R&D at Oakland taquerias on Friday. We'll let you know what he hits. [EaterWire]

BAUER LAND - Vacation Bauer is getting back to his roots in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa this week, and so, his blog, Between Meals, will be dark until next Tuesday. "To many this area of the country is a culinary wasteland," he says. Although he does alledge Kansas City and Wichita have some mighty fine fried chicken. Hopefully they can also represent with some sort of hamburger, otherwise you-know-who might get cranky. [Between Meals]

FOX HUNT - From Eater LA comes news that Ubuntu ex-chef Jeremy Fox will be turning the famously pork-centric Animal into a meat-free affair from May 17-23. But then what? [Eater LA]

THE SUNSET - Villa Romana is celebrating its 55th Anniversary tonight by turning its menu back to 1955 prices. "Fifty-five years later to the day, a large cheese pizza will still cost you $1.10, a glass of house wine will run you 25 cents and a classic veal scallopine will only run you a $1.95." [NBC Bay Area]

FREMONT- Yelpers have let the cat out of the bag again, and it looks like Five Guys, a "big deal" Washington DC-based burger chain some East Coasters liken to In-N-Out, is coming to Fremont. Although the website's FAQ states they cook all burgers to well done to "ensure a consistent product" and "meet or exceed health standards" and the meat they use is neither free-range nor organic. [Yelp]

The Haight box at Bento 415. [Photo: Flickr/pKingDesign]

Bento 415

300 De Haro Street, San Francisco, CA