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Morimoto Hiring "Font of House" as Napa Opening Nears

After learning more on Morimoto's plans for a summer opening in Napa, along with an on-site beer brewery, this Craigslist ad enters the stream of clues, narrowing things down to a "mid-summer" debut. Morimoto-san has cast the net for all management positions, Sous Chefs, and Pastry Chef to accompany the mysterious Executive Chef from SoCal he's already chosen.

Other things to note:
1) The ad references a "fine dining" restaurant twice -- not customary when on-site beer fermentation is involved.
2) Spelling issues indicate rushed, perhaps foreign, ad scribe: "Font of the house management team icluding." Restaurant harakiri? We think not. Our bubbly Iron Chef's future "dynamic, dedicated and professional management staff" will likely overlook the misstep, struck by the prospect of shaking hands with the sword-wielding chef master. Please do note the Morimoto Napa name is not yet fully confirmed. [Craigslist]

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Morimoto, Ready for Cali. [Photo]

Morimoto Napa

1001 2nd Street, Napa, CA