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Bacar Restaurant & Wine Salon To Close on May 7

The end of an era has arrived, friends, and the timing is quite dramatic, as Bacar was gearing up for its 10th anniversary in December of this year. The restaurant will be acquired by Alexander's Steakhouse of Cupertino, CA. Apparently the deal came about recently as Bacar Managing Partner, Jon Jackson, was presenting the budget for an impending remodel and PR efforts to investors. Around the same time, Alexander's approached with an offer that would allow investors to regain their original investment for the first time in 10 years.

Although Bacar came on to the San Francisco restaurant scene with much fanfare, it suffered years of neglect and if profits were made, they never made it back to the 40 or so investors who originally started the restaurant. Jackson says the decision was difficult, as he and Accountant/Host, Sandy Miller, have poured much effort into reviving Bacar since they took the helm a year and a half ago, turning it into a "professional place to work," but he feels good about handing the restaurant on to the "nice guys" of Alexander's team, led by Executive Chef Jeffrey Stout and General Manager J C Chen. According to Jackson, "Bacar will continue its operations through May 7. A short refresher remodel will follow, with the Alexander brand taking the marquee in early to mid summer." His hope is that the Bacar staff, including Executive Chef Douglas Bernstein will stay on under the new ownership. [EaterWire]


448 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA